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Magnets have been used for many centuries to help reduce pain and discomfort.


Legend has it, that a shepherd named Magnes, was herding his sheep in an area of Northern Greece called Magnesia, about 4,000 years ago. It is said that both the nails in his shoes and the metal tip of his staff became firmly stuck to the large, black rock on which he was standing. To find the source of attraction he dug up the Earth to find Lodestones. Lodestones contain the natural magnetic material.  This type of rock was later named magnetite, after either Magnesia or Magnes himself.


At one point in history, it was thought the Lodestone could be used to keep the skin looking youthful.  In fact, Cleopatra was reported to have slept on a Lodestone for many years.


The therapeutic reputation of Lodestone was passed on to the Greeks, who began using magnets for healing around 2500 B.C.E.


Magnets have also been used in Chinese medicine since about 2000 B.C.E., and are still used today as a first line of treatment for many common complaints.


In contrast to popular belief of the anecdotal nature of the healing powers of magnets, lots of research has been carried out in this area.  The positive results of applying magnets for therapeutic purposes have been well documented by many researchers and can be found in medical journals.  Scientist’s Albert Roy Davis and Dr. Walter C. Rawls who dedicated their lives to magnetics are worth mentioning to anyone who is interested in learning more about this subject.


Today, people who are looking for a natural alternative from modern medicine for a healthy, energetic life are re-discovering Magnetic Therapy.


Placing the Magnets on or near the area of pain or discomfort, stimulates the blood circulation assisting in the healing process. 


The treatment not only helps to relieve the discomfort but can also speed up the recovery time.


Magnetic Therapy - a non-invasive, drug free, pain relief that can assist in the process of healing and wellbeing.




Magnets - for Better Health!